rain speaker 

レインスピーカー は音の間接照明の様



“Rain Speaker”: like the melody of rainfall    

“Rain Speaker” is like the audio version of ambient lighting

It produces a sound that cannot be imagined from its size and appearance

You’ve probably never heard a sound like this before    


Although it is not gorgeous, it gently sticks to rich time.




A good sound source is good, a bad sound source is bad, a powerful amplifier is powerful, a delicate amplifier sounds delicately

Speaker that seems to be natural and can measure his / her ear less in modern times

I like it.


Хороший источник звука хорош, плохой источник звука плох, мощный усилитель мощный, тонкий усилитель звучит деликатно

Спикер, который кажется естественным и может измерить его / ее ухо меньше в наше время

Мне это нравится.


Tá dea-fhoinse fuaime maith, tá droch-fhoinse fuaime olc, tá amplifier cumhachtach cumhachtach, fuaimeann aimplitheoir íogair delicately

Cainteoir is cosúil go nádúrtha agus is féidir leis / léi a chluas níos lú a thomhas in amanna nua-aimseartha

Is maith liom é.


Una buona sorgente sonora è buona, una cattiva sorgente sonora è cattiva, un potente amplificatore è potente, un delicato amplificatore suona delicatamente

Altoparlante che sembra essere naturale e può misurare il suo orecchio meno nei tempi moderni

Mi piace.


Une bonne source sonore est bonne, une mauvaise source sonore est mauvaise, un amplificateur puissant est puissant, un amplificateur délicat sonne délicatement

Président qui semble être naturel et peut mesurer son oreille moins dans les temps modernes

J'aime ça.













昨夜10/10の夜にrain speakerで数曲鳴らさせて頂きました。





This is the Kurisawa citizen center.

The loved facility concerning sound is waiting for the rebuilding plan for the aging.

There are a lot of people who have lots of thoughts and are missed.

Last night I played several songs on rain speaker on 10/10 night.

It is that it glows small towards the back.

Actually I'd like to show you the videos I took, but it does not come true with the problem of copyright of the sound source.


Although it can not deny the power shortage because it is small, it sounded a hole with a good sound.

rain speaker image video clip



As it looks like it’s made of metal, some may think that it produces a “hard” sound,

but actually, it’s a very warm, gentle sound.


しかしアナログアンプと「rain speaker」を使えば、


There may be reasons why digital sound sources are becoming mainstream,

but with an analog amp and “Rain Speaker”,

you can restore the gentleness of analog sound to your music collection.

北海道岩見沢市10条東6丁目61 「らーめん専家 羅妃焚」様  http://rapita2003.com

岩見沢市 H様邸

江別市 P様

岩見沢市 W様邸 rain speaker standard type3

北海道岩見沢市4条東12丁目 「共進工業株式会社」様 rain speaker standard type3 天吊用バスレフポート仕様


岩見沢市ヤマト3条8丁目2−2 「m.p. MUSIC PLACE 」様 rain speaker Black&Black type3.


北海道岩見沢市九条西3丁目 4-1 MAXビル1階 「アパマンショップ岩見沢店」様 rain speaker White Brass type1.



音響を考慮した自作のコンサートホールにrain speaker ウッドコーンを設置して下さっています。


rain speaker Red Body Black Hex type4.

岩見沢市北村中小屋4341 「福家商店」様 rain speaker standard type3



岩見沢市 N様 rain speaker standard type2.

札幌市 O様 rain speaker White Brass type4.

White Brass

Black Brass

真鍮をメインに使用し円筒部の前面のみアルミニュウムを用いた「AL & Brass

銅板をメインに使用し円筒部の前面のみアルミニュウムを用いた「AL & Copper 

板金工事でお仕事をさせて頂いておりますホーム企画センター様、社長室にrain speakerを設置させて頂きました。

ホーム企画センター web site https://www.homekikakucenter.co.jp



淹れたて珈琲 and 中古レコード販売 「 Cafe 45records 」札幌市豊平区平岸4条9丁目4−1

rain speaker standard type3





High Sound Quality - Small Handmade Speaker - Created by Music Lovers    



 Paul with his Hofner, George with his Gretsch, Ringo and his Ludwig, John’s Ricken -- and with all of their vocals. The Beatles paid a great deal of attention to the balance of the sound they produced. Our small speaker can reproduce the true sounds of music, be it classical, jazz, acoustic, or the voices of female vocalists. Through the “Rain Speaker”, the listener can truly feel the differences in the instruments and playing styles chosen with care by the artists, as well as the miking and mixing by the sound engineers, and the amp used for playback

「2016年11月29日の記憶」 まなみーる岩見沢市民会館エントランスロビーで開催された「オールド楽器・レコード展」にrain speaker をHamanasuArtさんのご厚意で設置及び紹介させて頂く事が出来ましたのでご報告致します。




Ambient lighting of the audio world

a sound you’ve probably heard nowhere else before

“Rain Speaker”    

it's NEW


Audition video

it's NEW

type1.搭載スピーカーユニット・Vifa 3.5インチ グラスファイバーコーン・フルレンジ4Ω 20W☓2発 本体重量3.86kg

「Red Body Black Hex」

type2.搭載スピーカーユニット・WAVECOR 84mm アルミコーン・フルレンジ 4Ω ☓2発 本体重量3.99kg

「Black Body Red Hex」

撮影場所 武部建設様 古民家再生モダンクラッシック民家 ゲストハウス http://www.tkb2000.co.jp/kominka


In the era when the 3.5 mm analog headphone jack has disappeared from the iPhone, why create an "analog speaker" now?    



  It is not equipped with a battery, it requires a separate amplifier, and you cannot connect to it with Bluetooth. It’s not small enough to be easily portable. Given all this, why did you create "Rain Speaker"?



    We who make it think that the sound it makes is a pleasant one.


     It’s not just a sound that you hear with your ears; the vibrations it creates in the air let you feel the power of the sound through your whole body.


      Because one can talk with one’s family, lover or friends while listening to the same songs.


    Because it is not an artificial bass sound, but one in which you can hear the sound of real instruments that are in the original recording.


   Because you can get a real sense of the choices the musicians and recording engineers made when creating their music.


      Because even though it is stereo, it sounds just as good from any listening point, so you can move about freely without having to think about the focus of the sound.


      Because by clamping down on the cabinet's extra squeal by sealing it with an iron plate creates a uniquely tight, heavy sound.


      Because when using it in front of guests, it’s sound and appearance makes a great conversation starter.


     You can really hear the difference between the digital amplifier, the transistor amplifier, and the vacuum tube amplifier.




Just as in the past, there are a lot of young people who enjoy music nowadays. In fact, I think there may actually be more people appreciating music than there were in my generation. But I think that there are less people listening to music with good sound quality. I myself like using the reasonably priced, handy devices available these days - car audio systems, smartphones, and so - on to enjoy my music on the go. But for my favorite songs and artists, I have an internal standard for the sound quality I’d like to listen to them at. In my mind, this level of quality can’t be achieved by a portable speaker. In "Rain Speaker", I wanted to create a sound that meets my standard at the minimum size required. As a craftsman, I also wanted to make sure that it was built well. I want people to know that they can relax and listen to music with good sound quality from anywhere in the room, without concern for the sound focal point. I’d also like to continue to honor the sound choices of the musicians and recording engineers who create music..    



Although it is an old-fashioned ordinary speaker, by directing the speaker unit in both directions, the vibration from the speaker cone collides inside of the unit, and a strong middle and low tone is generated. “Rain Speaker”s design allows for the energy of those strong low and middle tones to create a more musical balance from inside the unit, resulting in its unique sound.


音楽製作の仕上がりを確認する時に rain speaker は頼りになります。

rain speaker が美しく響かなければソースを疑え!

「Mastering Monitor Speaker 」として

私は趣味の音楽活動において作詞作曲をし、バンドでライブ活動を行うなか子供の頃より録音が好きでカセットテープのMTR時代から現在のパソコンを使ったDTMとオリジナル曲の宅録も好きな活動の1つです。最近15曲のオリジナル曲が貯まったので久しぶりにバンドで録音をしました。収録に2ヶ月以上費やし、後はミックスダウンとマスタリングです。普段より愛用しているRCFのレコーディング用のモニタースピーカーとリスニング用のBOSE 101 IT、長年愛用のヘッドフォンSONY MDR-CD900ST、限定版のKOSS Pota Pro 等を使ってのミックス作業までは良かったのですがマスタリングで完成した音源は車やスマホ等、違った環境で聴いてみると低音が多かったり中音が少なかったり気に入りません。ボーカルのエコーの質や深さ等が適当では無いような気がしてCD-Rに記録した音源をレインスピーカーで再生してみました。レインスピーカーは2chの音の定位の点から音楽制作には不向きだと思っていたのですが、これが違いがハッキリと判ると言う部分ではマスタリング用として十分使える事が分かりました。元々、音源の違いやアンプの違いを感じ取れるスピーカーなのでミックスやマスタリングの不具合を聞き取る事が容易だったのです。

My hobby is music, and in addition to live performances of the songs and lyrics I’ve created, I’ve also been interested in recording music since I was a child. I’ve recorded on everything from MTR cassette tapes to the DTM format on PCs. Recently, I did some recording with my band to record the 15 original songs we’d come up with. Recording took over two months, after which came the mixing and mastering. I used my faithful RCF monitor speaker, a BOSE 101 IT, my trusty SONY MDR-CD900ST headphones, and a limited edition KOSS Pota Pro for mixing, and all seemed to have gone well until I tried listening to the completed recording on a different sound system, such as in my car or on my phone. When I did that, I noticed that there were problems with the sound balance, such as the bass being too loud, or the mid-range not being loud enough. I also felt that the quality of the echo on the vocals and the depth of the sound wasn’t what I wanted it to be, so I tried playing the CD-R recording on the “Rain Speaker.” As the “Rain Speaker” is a 2 channel sound system, I’d felt that it would be unsuitable for music creation, but actually, it allowed me to clearly hear the differences in the sounds, so testing it out like this showed me that it can actually work quite well for mastering. The “Rain Speaker” is a speaker made to show off differences in sound sources and amps, so it was easy to find problems in the mixing and mastering process when I used it.

「rain speaker」企画及び設計者・赤間年幸について













小学3年生の頃、テレビのコマーシャルから流れたビートルズの「LOVE ME DO」を聴いて新鮮な感覚を体験してから最初に買った「LET IT BE」から少しづつビートルズのシングルレコードを集めるようになりました。










  About the “Rain Speaker' planner and designer · Toshiyuki Akama


Born June 16, 1964, Iwamizawa city, Hokkaido.


The eldest son of father, Yu, who runs a construction sheet metal company, and mother, Yasuko.


My father liked coming up with new ideas, and his hobbies included go, shogi, mah-jong, horse racing, etc.,

He was also a sportsman in his prime, playing golf with 6 handicaps, and also enjoying skiing. He also loved movies, and to make people laugh.


My mother likes tea ceremonies, kimonos, painting and calligraphy, dance, flamenco, etc. Her influence was a big factor in my love of music, and though she recently recovered from a grave illness, she continues to be a great support in my life.


Thanks to my father’s influence, I enjoyed going to the movies since I was in elementary school. Because of that, I became interested in movie music, and bought soundtrack albums of my own, which I listened to along with albums from my parents’ record shelf - particularly the Platters and Glen Miller.


When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I heard the Beatles "LOVE ME DO" playing in a TV commercial. I’d never heard music like that before, and after my first purchase of “LET IT BE,” I started to assemble a collection of the Beatles’ singles albums.


The elementary school I attended, Chuo Elementary, was equipped with a studio and equipment for television broadcasting, which was rare at that time. Every classroom had a television set, and in addition to the principal’s speeches, there were also broadcasts for each grade and each individual class. When I was in the third grade, I wanted to become a member of the broadcasting committee, and ended up being an assistant director during the third and fourth grade, and a cameraman in the fifth and sixth grade. This experience was a huge influence on who I am today.


In junior high school, I was a member of the basketball club, and at the same time I started getting more information from friends about music. My interest in audio equipment also increased, and I half-tricked my parents into buying me a component stereo system for what was about 250000 yen at the time (around $2500 dollars).


In my student life after that, I fell in love with rock music, and particularly loved playing as a guitarist in a band performing 70’s punk rock.


My first job was as a computer programmer, and I went on after that to work for a company creating TV commercials. Then, after working as the owner for a roadside bookstore, I went on to take over the family sheet metal business, which is where I continue to work now.